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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yandere- kuns adventure... And OmniSt3v3 doing stuff.

So recently I went to a convention, One of my faves sugoi con in Columbus Kentucky.

This year it was even more amazing, I arrived at the con about 6 in the morning, got cleanly shaven and entered the con as Sebastian M. From kuroshitsuji.
The convention was so popular this year the lines lasted well into saturday for entrance.
Its a small con
Friendly staff and friendly attendees
Really interesting panels
Great guest : example Chris ayres, etc
It's a 24 hour con
when your bored there's even a noise room

Pros if you stay at the drawbridge:
Indoor pools
Its a maze!
Comfortable temperatures inside
hotel staff is nice and some even cosplay for the con behind the counter.

only a few
Line management issues
time issues
should expand into a larger venue
hard to find some rooms and panels
sometimes crowded

Its definitely a great starter con its fairly family orientated. Its not to overwhelming to cause some one a panic attack and not so small that you'll get bored.
The dealers room has a large variety and things you don't often find at other cons .

Just to be a spaz for a moment I met piros from megatokyo at the con tell me thats not awesome ja?
The artist alley is also pretty rad, cheap commision prices high quality work.

*pictures up soon*

p.s annoucement we have some cosplay models and will soon have a section for them.
Me , yandere- kun, and the team are starting some photoshots and projects that we promised at the start of this site! So
heaven or hell lets rock!

Hey, OmniSt3v3 here.

Been playing a few GBA games I skipped from back in the day, and let me say: I'm sorry I did. The games I'm about to list are totally awesome.

Megaman Zero series
DragonBall Z: Buu's Fury
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy IV

Also, Some older titles I've been enjoying:
Killer Instinct
Super Smash Bros. 64

Also, just making an announcement or two:

1) Tool is touring in the states soon. Sometime within the next year.
2)The Protomen are slated to release Act III of their rock opera, finally finishing the story.
3) Golden Sun 3 is finally coming out. I'm super excited about that, ya know, since I've had my copy reserved for over a year now.
4) I'm going to be getting my Giovanni, Super-Chef (from Tales of Symphonia), and Hector (Fire Emblem) cosplays under way soon.

Now for my quote of the day. "I don't have college education like you, Sam. What I do have is: a GED and a 'Give 'em Hell' attitude." - Dean Winchester.

And as a bonus Quote!: "I am a warrior, not a variety of flower!"

Peace be with you,

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