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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting started!

Hey everybody!

OmniSteve, here.
Just letting you know, we're expanding and will have links to our new pages.

We've merged with Megumi Cosplays, link here ---->

So, our cosplays will be there.

We also have some photo shoots planned:

Halloween Vocaloid
Halloween Hetalia
Kingdom Hearts
Resident Evil
Kuroshitsuji- Black Butler

Now for one of my favorite parts!
Music that we love, we want you to love!

The Protomen
Dir En Grey
Big Bang

 Chameleon Circuit

Some Good Reading:
Diabolo- Kusunoki Ohashi
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?- Phillip K. Dick
FullMetal Alchemist- Hiromu Arakawa
The Queen Of The Damned- Anne Rice
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams

Also, soon, we'll all post V-logs explaining who we are, what we do, and how we're doing.

The Kando N3ko Team.


  1. can't wait!
    you've got my interest!

  2. ohh cosplays? im interested to see more!

  3. Do you make the cosplay outfits yourself, or just buy them? Cause I've been interested in trying out that wonderflex stuff to make swords and such.

  4. To Nub, we make it all ourselves, if you want to request a certain material, we'll work with you on it. unless it costs much more than the material we were going to use, it won't cost more than the initial price estimate.

    Home Alone Stoned, we'll post some sample images up soon.

    As a general note, for questions email us. The address is in our first post.

    For costumes put Yandere-Kun in the subject name.
    For props, use Omnisteve.

  5. I can't buy costumes because I'm so fat. I hate dress-up cause everyone else can make really nice costumes and I gotta wear a sheet or some shit..

  6. well, we can make them to fit your personal specs.
    We make the costumes ourselves. And it won't look shitty. we use quality materials. give us a shot.
    I promise you won't be disappointed. Probably. Maybe. Well, it's worth a shot.

  7. i have no idea for the halloween costume

  8. well, andre, is there something you'd be interested in but not sure i fyou can do? we could probably work it for you.
    Just shoot us an e-mail with your specs and what you'd like. we'll set you up.!

  9. Annon comment is annon

  10. keep up the good work omni!